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For those who enjoy reading, some may prefer the more traditional methods of having the weight and feel of a solid book in hand, while others may enjoy the more accessible and easy-to-download forms of reading through the use of e-books, which continues to grow in popularity as the technology to view books becomes more versatile. However, as the digital age continues to flourish, more and more individuals are finding audio books just as enjoyable as the rest. The audible books have been around for quite some time, with the earliest version having been produced in 1975 as a collection of stories, originally recorded in that of Spanish.

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Melodies Of Jerome Kern: The 1955 Walden Sessions


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Before Tomorrow Comes

By: N - 2007-10-09


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This Is How A Dream Comes True

By: N - 2009-06-02


Portrait Of A Great American Dancer


Bad Boy

By: N - 2006-02-21


When the Grass Grows Over Me

By: N - 2009-11-03


Ruralia Hungarica, Op. 32b Sheet Music




Bid Me To Come

By: N - 2006-10-24


The Die

By: Y - 2009-04-21


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